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A Welcome Space is a council or community venue open for residents to visit or spend time. It’s a chance to meet other people, feel safe, find shade in hot weather and warmth in cold weather. It is somewhere to find information about what else is going on in your neighbourhood and to feel welcomed.

These spaces are open to anyone. We won’t ask visitors why they’re there. Further, no-one has to take part in any activities that they don’t wish to. Visit the cost of living webpage for more help and support with the cost of living. That includes a list of things that you or someone you know can check to increase your income or save money.

Welcome spaces - inside the central community centre

The Mechanics’ Institution Trust is working with the Welcome Spaces network in Swindon. We host a variety of community events and activities throughout the year.

We’re Swindon’s only building preservation trust. We believe that our unique and significant heritage buildings should be used to benefit our community. While we welcome your involvement in our events and activities, we also open our Central Community Spaces weekly. That’s for anyone who wishes to drop by for refreshments, a chat, or to simply make use of our facilities.

Find out more about our upcoming activities.

You can find more information and opening times for the Central Community Centre here.

You can find more information and opening times for the Bakers Cafe here.

To find other spaces across the UK, you may wish to browse the national Warm Welcome Spaces map.

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