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The Great Wall of Swindon

Where is the Great Wall of Swindon and why was it built?

The Great Wall of Swindon flows like a river of Masonry from West to East; Beginning as a trickle from Rodbourne Road with a low wall of pennant stone. It reaches its full height at Bristol Street and continues towards the train station. – Jack S. Hayward

Have you ever wondered why this wall exists?

Jack Hayward has compiled his research on Swindon’s “Great Wall” which runs directly through Swindon’s Railway Conservation Area.

Join us on Wednesday 22nd November 2023 where Jack will talk us through the history of the wall, and the changes to the buildings around it over time.

Where: Central Community Centre, SN1 5BG
When: 2pm-3:30pm

Free Entry (Donations Welcome)

Photo Credits: Jack S. Hayward

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