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Work wraps up on the Emlyn Square mural

More art is making its way into Emlyn Square over the next week thanks to Jaksta Art !

JAKSTA is working on the final mural which completes the South elevation of the Mechanics’ Institute hoardings.

This comes just in time for the “Creativity Unwrapped” Heritage Open Days Festival, taking place in the Railway Village and across Swindon throughout September 8th-17th.

The Mechanics’ Institution Trust has been working with the Redcliffe Collective and the Heritage Action Zone to deliver this. The final piece ties in with other murals surrounding the Mechanics’ Institute, which were delivered last year by Artsite & The Post Modern and local artists, using work inspired by local schools.

JAKSTA will also be taking part in Swindon Paint Fest this year, so make sure you follow the amazing work that has gone into bringing colour to Swindon’s public spaces! Swindon Paint Fest is back again and about to turn the town into a creativity hub of all kinds ranging from large scale murals, live painting, art market, exhibitions, workshops, dance and music! 2nd-3rd September.

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