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The Trust is defined by voluntary effort, whether through our trustees, committee members, work experience placements, long term volunteers or employee volunteering.

The Trust has always seen the value of investing in volunteering programmes and volunteers themselves. In particular we have concentrated on young people and those seeking a return to employment through partnerships with local organisations such as BTCV.

The Trust works with volunteers all year round in a range of different roles and time commitments. Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering.

Also the Swindon Volunteer Centre is a rich source of volunteering opportunities in the local area.

Volunteer Spotlight:

I’m Simon. I was born in Swindon, but my family are from the East Midlands. I spend a lot of time in education improving my skills, but now I am free to pursuit my hobbies and interests with enthusiasm. I have a very good memory, and this helps in my appreciation and enjoyment of history. I remember when things happened in the world, recently and long ago. This has also translated into an interest in the historic development of Swindon in terms of town planning and architecture.

Why did you volunteer with the Trust? I got involved originally after being made redundant from Local Government. I became aware of the organisation from a newsletter in the Library, and I was looking for a placement to develop my existing knowledge of town planning. I also needed to have some kind of replacement for the employment that was missing, and to maintain my confidence and to keep my mind active. As a volunteer, I was also able to pursue those interests that as an employee for an organisation are always restrictive in nature. The opportunity to read and study conservation, landscape and architecture, in an environment that was fairly free from supervision was the added benefit. It also gave me a chance to re-evaluate my career in town planning, and to question how decisions have been taken, without enough control over the environment.

What have you gained from your volunteering? A volunteer role has given me a feeling of value and self-worth, which helped me to cope better with being unemployed. It has enabled me to learn more about planning applications, the role of the Civic Movement and skills in dealing with the wider community and teaching or verbal presentation practise.