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This week, we have mostly been trying to work out whether a sale of the Mechanics’ to a new owner has really been completed. We are also puzzling what he has in mind for future uses. 2 articles in the ADVER have given us reason to worry that he really doesn’t have any ideas that would move things forward.

The Trust has therefore decided to submit a Planning Application to Swindon Borough Council, for the uses we have developed over the years with our Members, and Swindon people. See our proposed plans in the Proposals section. It is entirely legal to apply for planning permission for property you don’t own, as a way of establishing the basis for a purchase. We have not done so before because the fee is so high. Now that we have the bequest from Dave Backhouse, we will be able to cover that fee.

Our Market Study has been received in draft from Great Western Enterprise, and we are re-working the figures towards a final draft. Both options explored in detail look as if they could well be viable (to us that means ‘in the black’ on an annual basis), although with a tight margin for error. The work that is being done now is in order to tighten up the figures, so we can be more confident in the projections of income and expenditure. The picture is hopeful, and we expect the work to be completed in 2 weeks time. Then we will submit an application to the Heritage Lottery fund, and do some consumer research while we are waiting for several months for their response.

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